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Trust SC-5500p and Ubuntu

Today, I got myself an external USB sound card and tried to install it on my notebook running Ubuntu Studio. It's a Trust SC-5500p because that's the only affordable model my retailer had in stock. To cut a long story short: I didn't work as I hoped it would. I could get heavily distorted sound out of its front speaker output jack, but the rear as well as the center outputs remained silent. I thought the days of insufficient support for hardware on Linux were over, but: FAIL! Since I swore to myself that I wouldn't spent hours and hours an installing packages and hacking config files anymore, I returned the device, and I will start to look for another affordable solution. Suggestions anyone?

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adrien am :


well it's a pity, even google redirects here when I was looking for answers, I guess I'll have to do everything myself..

Matthias Gutjahr am :

Matthias Gutjahr

Hey Adrien, you really should look into other options. I had better luck with other external sound devices recently, maybe I'll post some of that later.

DjKork am :


Is very easy to get this sound card running into linux. You have to edit your asoundrc file and add these lines:

pcm.!default complex_convert

pcm_slave.sl3 { pcm "hw:0,0" channels 6 } pcm.complex_convert { type plug slave sl3 }

It will work like a charm ;-)

Xeroo am :


Yes! Works great for me! Thank you very much DjKork

adrien am :


Thanks DjKork! I had seen some version of what should be modified in asoundrc to make it work but nothing made it and I had given up :-/ I'll try you version :-D (wow, more than a year later ;-)

djkork am :


I've better version of asoundrc that enables software sourcemixing (play from more than one source at same time) this is the one from asound dmix site adapted for sc5500p ;-)

pcm.!default pasymed

pcm.my_card { type hw card 0 channels 6 # mmap_emulation true }

pcm.dmixed { type dmix ipc_key 1024 # ipc_key_add_uid false # let multiple users share # ipc_perm 0666 # IPC permissions for multi user sharing (octal, default 0600) slave { pcm "my_card" # rate 48000 # period_size 512 } }

pcm.dsnooped { type dsnoop ipc_key 2048 slave { pcm "my_card" # rate 48000 # period_size 128 } }

pcm.asymed { type asym playback.pcm "dmixed" capture.pcm "dsnooped" }

pcm.pasymed { type plug slave.pcm "asymed" }

pcm.dsp0 { type plug slave.pcm "asymed" }

Avradip am :


I am planning to buy this exact same card... can everybody please confirm this card works fine in ubuntu.

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