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This blog has been hAtomized

I couldn't hardly belive it myself, but after choosing a template for this blog, I had forgotten to attach the hAtom microformat to it. I've just rectified this embarassing situation. Refurbishing my blog has taken me only five minutes this morning. A quick look at the hAtom cheatsheet helped me somewhat. Adding the appropriate classes and rel-bookmark has been a piece of cake. Actually, template designers should catch up on microformats and include hAtom by default.

Upcoming, hCalendar, and this blog

I created an account at Yahoo!'s Upcoming some time ago. One of the features I like about Upcoming is that events are marked up with the hCalendar microformat. But if you subscribe to the RSS feed of your Upcoming events and include them in your blog's sidebar, all markup is lost, of course. So, I've hacked some new feature into my microformats plugin: It's now possible to subscribe to an events feed and merge this feed with the events that are manually entered via my plugin. The result is displayed in the sidebar with full hCalendar goodness. Check it out in my sidebar, and compare it with my page at The plugin needs some cleanup 'cause it contains dirrrty hacks, but I will release it soon. I might also include the new and shiny wevent, a German Upcoming clone, and Google Calendar.

Login to Serendipity with OpenID

Garvin posted the news to the official Serendipity blog: Thanks to rrichards you can now log in to your S9Y blog with your OpenID. Which is a great thing, especially for people who actually use OpenID (like me). Testers are still needed for this plugin, but I installed without any problems. So don't expect any trouble ;-)

Online Banking and Linux

Now that Ubuntu 7.04 runs smoothly on my machine, I gave online banking via HCBI PIN/TAN (a popular German standard) another try, because the according aqbanking libs have been updated. I tried the command line aqhbci-tool and received some useful feedback, but couldn't get it to work. Then I started the graphical frontend qbankmanager and found a built-in wizard that supported my every step in creating a new account, connecting to the banking server, and retrieving my account information. Perfect! I will try some more sophisticated apps like KMyMoney, GnuCash, or Hibiscus later, but for now I'm happy.

For the sake of keeping my installation as clean as possible: aqhbci-tool listmedia returns two old entries that do not funtion. Can anyone please tell me how to remove them? There seem to be only parameters for adding new users/accounts, but not for removing them.

Microformats in IE8

Several sources report that Microsoft will add microformats support to the next version of their internet browser, IE8. The corresponding IEBlog entry doesn't mention microformats, though, so this news still needs confirmation. Anyway, it would be great if microformats gained support from the two major browsers. The upcoming Firefox 3 "Gran Paradiso" will also support microformats, but there is still a discussion going on how microformats will eventually be displayed (sidebar, layers, icons).