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EqualStreetNames Wiesbaden

Ausschnitt der EqualStreetNames Wiesbaden-Karte

Im Mai bin ich zum ersten Mal auf das Projekt EqualStreetNames aufmerksam geworden, das in der OpenStreetMap Wochennotiz vorgestellt wurde.

EqualStreetNames will mit Hilfe öffentlich zugänglicher Daten die Gender-Ungleichheit bei der Vergabe von Straßennamen aufzeigen:

The names of public spaces (streets, avenues, squares and others) define the identity of a city and how citizens interact with it. The region of Brussels suffers from a major inequality between male and female street names and we want to help fix this.

There are several ways to approach the inequality of street names and leverage a positive change in our society. Ours is with the use of Open Data to create a map visualizing the streetnames of a city by gender.

The project start with Brussels, Belgium in March 2020 and since then, this project has been replicated in several cities across multiple countries.


  • Auf der interaktiven Karte unter kann für viele Wiesbadener Straßen nachgsehen, wer Namensgeber*in ist;
  • eine Statistik gibt auch das Verhältnis von männlichen zu weiblichen Personen an;
  • Immer mehr Städte machen bei diesem Projekt mit, das ursprünglich aus Brüssel stammt;
  • Ich beschreibe mein Vorgehen bei Recherche, Datensammlung, Mapping in OSM und Generierung der Karte.
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Wikipedia now supports the geo microformat

Andy Mabbett recently added the geo microformat to Wikipedia's template system. Consequently, all Wikipedia pages that are based on this template do from now on contain geo. What's the benefit of all this? You might, for example, use the Operator or Webcards Firefox extensions to find a place in Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps with a single click. Other applications may parse a Wikipedia article and process the metadata in other ways. Examples: List of impact craters on Earth, Hamstead railway station.

Andy is a member of the WikiProject Microformats, a group of users who want to actively promote the use of microformats in the world's greates encyclopedia. Great job!