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Terraminds blog search engine

When I attended the BarCamp in Frankfurt in April, I found myself listening to Christopher Laux and his interesting plans to create (i.e. to code in Common Lisp) a search engine for blogs. Now, a first beta of his brainchild is online at The English-language version is still under development, but I'm sure it will take Christopher only a short while until it's up and running. Terramind is looking pretty clean and returns comprehensive hits, as far as I can tell from my couple of tests. However, I'm not sure if the results are sorted by relevance or some other criteria? Would be great if I could at least between relevance and time/recency. Unfortunately, neither of my blogs - ok, this one here is in English and doesn't really belong there - seems to be indexed by his busy spiders; but it will be just a matter of time until my NUMBlog will be found there. Right, Christopher? ;-)

BarCamp, Tag 2: jQuery

Dirk stellt jetzt jQuery vor. I've played around with this javascript framework before, yes even used it in a project, but I still need to learn more about it. Be sure to check out VisualQuery, too. Example (bad): BOA ;O) Also, check out the "Fisheye menu" demo at this page (click link at bottom of page). Awesome. You can also select only the specific parts of jQuery for download that you need for your project, thus reducing size even further.

The next session is about Jamal.

Next session: CakePHP

We're waiting for the session to begin. Ok, here we go. Timo Derstappen helped realize a project with the help of CakePHP and will now introduce us to this framework. Everybody says "hello" now. Lots of PHP developers in here, but also "normal" people. CakePHP was inspired by (Ruby on) Rails, of course, and wants to take much of the basic work away from the developer (DRY). Other keywords: unit testing, convention over configuration, rapid web development, MVC, scaffolding. Someone mentions Selenium for frontend testing. (checking football halftime results meanwhile) Problems of CakePHP: works with lots of arrays, not objects, because it still runs on PHP4. Symfony, e.g., runs on PHP5 only. Still, ormigo is completely based on CakePHP, so it seems to be a very useful framework. I will have to take a second look.