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Terraminds blog search engine

When I attended the BarCamp in Frankfurt in April, I found myself listening to Christopher Laux and his interesting plans to create (i.e. to code in Common Lisp) a search engine for blogs. Now, a first beta of his brainchild is online at The English-language version is still under development, but I'm sure it will take Christopher only a short while until it's up and running. Terramind is looking pretty clean and returns comprehensive hits, as far as I can tell from my couple of tests. However, I'm not sure if the results are sorted by relevance or some other criteria? Would be great if I could at least between relevance and time/recency. Unfortunately, neither of my blogs - ok, this one here is in English and doesn't really belong there - seems to be indexed by his busy spiders; but it will be just a matter of time until my NUMBlog will be found there. Right, Christopher? ;-)