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New Layout!

It's been a while since I tinkered with this little blog of mine. Today, I finally managed to update Serendipity to the most current version. And while waiting for the files to upload, I checked for new templates because a fresh look might do no harm. That's when I found out about Sagittarius-A, a very clean template that was ported to Serendipity not long ago. I fell in love (well, almost) with it instantly. And as usual, switching themes was hassle-free!

I will try to pay a little more attention to this blog in the future, blogging about a more diverse range of topics again, covering not only BarCamps and web stuff, but maybe something more personal, too. The World Cup 2010 will start in a couple of days, so why not share my thoughts on it here? I will keep up the peculiar German-English dichotomy, though, blogging about the more personal stuff in German and reserving English for web and technology related posts.

One more word to my readers: Don't expect everything to work perfect for the next couple of days. There seem to be some issues concerning some heavy modifications and the new layout. But it will smooth out soon over the next iterations. I will also try to implement a couple of new features if I find the time to. In the long run, I even plan to move this whole blog to a different server and even a different or second URL. I still own (without the hyphen, that is) back from the old days. But I have to figure out how to publish that to Google first. Stay tuned!


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