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Craft Beer in Kosovo

A couple of months ago, I had the chance to spend some days in Europe's youngest country: Kosovo. Depending on whom you ask, of course, it is or isn't a sovereign state. But since Germany recognizes it as independent state, I will treat it as such. It's complicated.

Unfortunately, I did not have as much time to travel the country as I would have liked, but I was keen to learn about local food and drinks, among a million other things (another blog post might follow). Also, as it happens so often, I caught a cold on my first day of travelling. Therefore I could not dive into as many activities as I had planned to.

Nevertheless, upon arriving in Pristina, Kosovo's capital, I was craving good food - and good beer. For I had searched the Internets before I left and I knew there was lots to discover. I even found the website of a craft brewery, yet was unsure how easy it would be to find their beer.

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