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O-kay, I admit that I need to clean up the comment view HTML a little bit, but until I find the time to do that, it's still looking kind of messy. To brighten everything up I added a little feature for all comments after I stumbled upon those cute monsters yesterday. These monsters appear as a replacement and/or fallback for non-existing Gravatars or Favatars and are unique for each URL. So if you comment on a blog posting and type in a URL that does not provide a favicon, a monster will be generated for you on the fly. Cool, ain't it? You'll probably spot more of these monsters over at NUMBlog. Check it out and tell me if you like it! Source code will be published soon.

S9Y Social Bookmarks Plugin 0.45

I was not aware that offered an easy way to include bookmarks and tags on your website: by pasting a little javascript into the HTML code of your page. But then I received a trackback from Andreas who hacked his blog into displaying a tag cloud based on his account. So I decided to add this nice feature to my Social Bookmarks plugin although you can also achieve this functionality by simply pasting the code into an HTML nugget. But, hey, now it might be even easier for some people ;-)

Netgear WG111v2 USB WLAN Stick on Ubuntu

A couple of weeks ago I acquired a new USB WLAN stick for use in my laptop and/or media center PC. Since it was cheap and I couldn't find any negative comments about its Linux compatibility (I just browsed the first couple of google pages -- mistake), I decided to go for Netgear's WG111v2 stick. As I found out here, the stick comes in different flavors, either with a Prism chip, or a Realtek 8187 chip. Luckily, mine had the Realtek chip in it (0846:6a00), so basically everything should work under Linux.

Driver setup went smoothly on my W2K partition, but I had real trouble after booting Linux. First I tried it with Fedora Core 6 which has been a brand new release back then, but couldn't get it to run. Then, after I had installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my trusty ASUS L3500 laptop, I went through it all again, but to no avail.

Just yesterday, I got it to work at last (right after deciding that I sell it on eBay finally -- sweet irony). This blog entry got me on the right track. So, because I searched about every forum on the topic in the past weeks and I found that a lot of people had (or still have) the same problem, here's what I did:

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