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Welcome to the Second Edition of the Sperrobjekt Weblog

This blog is a reincarnation of an older one that is disabled but can still be found here. For a number of reasons I decided to install the new Sperrobjekt Weblog (version 2.0 if you want) on a new server, to use a better blogging software, and to not import my old blog postings into this setup. Everything I posted before 2006 can still be found in the original archives.

First of all, it's been almost a whole year since I sent my old blog into hibernation. A lot has changed since then, particularly with regard to software. I wanted to run my server with PHP5 (still only cgi, though) and MySQL5, and I especially wanted to run Serendipity, a wonderful weblog software, on this server. And that is not only because I'm actively developing a couple of plugins for S9Y. ;O) This configuration provides for a greater flexibility, extensibility, and for modern features (hello, web2.0).

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