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PHP Developer Days 2018 in Dresden

The PHPDD18 logo on a screen

At the end of September I travelled to Dresden for the PHP Developer Days 2018. The conference, organized by the Dresden PHP User Group, took place for the fourth time, but for the first time on two days: a workshop day and a conference day. On the day of the conference I was at the International Congress Center, but had already arrived the evening before to stroll through the Neustadt district of Dresden.


The river Elbe

I had visited the Saxon state capital only once a few years ago and touched the old town and the new town a little bit. This time I was only in the Neustadt, but a little longer. I ate delicious Czech "Knödel" with goulash and enjoyed some delicious beers in the Hopfenkult craft beer store and in the Zapfanstalt before returning to the hotel in the evening.

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