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Webmontag Frankfurt

Yesterday, the regional web crowd got together at the Brotfabrik in Frankfurt for the 13th edition(?) of the famous Webmontag. After the last web mondays' attendance figures were relatively low, Andreas and Darren had been very active in inviting lots of people and advertising the event. Accordingly, the number of participants was significantly higher than before, which was a good thing apparently.

Contentwise, the session covered topics as diverse as presentation zen, Google Web Toolkit, Selenium IDE, OSGi, and MySQL Proxy. Pretty technical, one must admit, but mostly interesting nonetheless. I can say that I enjoyed it. As usual, socializing began immediately after the last presentation ended. Some interesting conversations ensued with other participants, I had a delicious chickpea-cilantro soup, and the WiFi was free. What more to expect from a Webmonday? Thanks to Andreas and Darren for organizing the event, and to Harry for kindly hosting the event.