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User Group Code of Conduct


As you may know, I'm co-organizing two user groups, PHP User Group Rheinhessen and RheinMainJS, and although we've fortunately never had any complaints about or problems with abusive behavior or harassment, I would like to establish a Code of Conduct for these user groups.

Others have done this before: AmsterdamPHP has a Code of Conduct (CoC). phpMiNDS in Nottingham has one. Several user groups in Berlin support a CoC. A lot of conferences both in the PHP and JS communities have a Code of Conduct, e.g. phpDay and JSConf Europe among many others.

A painting of two men. The man at the center is looking off to his right while drawing a symbol with his right hand. His left hand is resting on a page in a book. He is wearing a robe with a hood. The man on the right is looking towards the front and is wearing a long-sleeve red shirt with a black jacket. Several writing utensils and books are on a table with a green tablecloth in the front of the image.

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