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Microformats gain momentum, slowly (maybe more slowly than expected) but steadily. Now Christian Heilmann created a mashup of hCard and Google Maps aptly called hcard2gmap. The javascript parses a web page for hCards with geo information and relays these data to Google Maps where the contacts are being displayed by markers. Great stuff, more applications like this, please! Check out the demo here.

Find-tags-as-you-type in Serendipity

I've accumulated quite a number of tags over time, and it's not always easy to determine if I've used some peculiar tag before. Neither is it undemanding to pick the correct tag out of the list by using the mouse pointer. So, after reading about the Simple Tagging plugin for Wordpress, I decided to add some find-as-you-type functionality to our beloved freetag plugin. It's not yet as sophisticated (feature-laden) as the WP plugin, but it does its job quite well using the WICK library.

Instructions: Download the WICK lib, extract it, and copy wick.js and wick.css to your freetag plugin dir. Then you need to patch two files, serendipity_admin.php in your blog's root dir, and serendipity_event_freetag.php in your freetag plugin dir.

Add something along the lines of

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php echo $serendipity['baseURL'] . 'plugins/serendipity_event_freetag/wick.css'; ?>" />

to the HTML head in serendipity_admin.php.

Finally, apply this patch to (the current version of) serendipity_event_freetag.php. Now you should be done. Please report if anything doesn't work and/or if it works perfectly for you.