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I will be at FrOSCon 2010

FrOSCon 2010 LogoFrOSCon, the Free and Open Software Conference, will be held in the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Sankt Augustin this weekend. It's already the 5th edition of this conference, but it will be my premiere as visitor. There are going to be many lectures and workshop revolving around open software. And there is a track especially for PHP that I'm particularly looking forward to.

One of the great things about FrOSCon is that it's not just a conference, but a lot more: A number of OSS project (Django, Arch Linux, OpenOffice, heck, even Perl) have there own rooms, and there is a superb program for kids of different ages. The youngsters can go geocaching and (open street) mapping, learn how to code games in Python, or make cool stop motion animations. If I was (or had) a kid, this would be so cool ;-)

Anyway, I will be at FrOSCon on Saturday, and maybe Sunday too. I haven't decided yet on which sessions to attend. But if you want to chat or have a cup of coffee, just say Hi or send a tweet to @mattsches. I'm really looking forward to meeting lots of interesting people and to learning wicked new stuff.