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Preorder the forthcoming Serendipity Handbook

Book cover

Good news for all (German) Serendipity users! You can now preorder Garvin's forthcoming book Serendipity - Individuelle Weblogs für Einsteiger und Profis (Individual Weblogs for Beginners And Professionals). It's 700 pages from cover to cover and aims to be the first complete documentation of Serendipity's features. Expected release date is May 2008.

Spread OpenID

While the number of sites that support OpenID steadily increased in 2007, and users can choose among many providers, much remains to be done in terms of awareness and evangelism. Enter Spread OpenID, a campaign initiated by Carsten Pötter and Thomas Huhn. They set up a weblog, explain the technical terms behind OpenID, and maintain a comparison of OpenID providers. Since I know Carsten and his motivation from several blogger meetings, I wish Spread OpenID all the best. OpenID has its pros and cons, but Spread OpenID will certainly help to prove that, ultimately, it's a good thing.

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