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Live from BarCamp Berlin 2 Saturday

At last, I have overcome my network problems and can connect to the internet again. Well, kind of, at least, still no wireless connection, but I found a ethernet cable lying around, plugged it in, and it works. So far, the sessions have been interesting, but most of the time I struggled with the network after already having arrived late (the warmup party yesterday was nice, but I overslept because of it g). This doesn't sound like a good start, but I met a lot of nice people who made me foget my troubles :-) )

Right now, it's getting noisy in here, but I will try to jot down some of my thoughts about the BarCamp so far. First session was about what social networks and communities can learn from game design. Quite an intersting approach to the topic, has given me a lot to think about. The second session was about blogs and metadata, yet in a different way from what I expected (I missed the session presentations this morning). Patrick concentrated on how to mark up blog posts with metadata so that they can easily be cited by reserachers. The Zotero Firefox extension helps with this. Some very interesting discussion ensued, touching on Microformats, RSS, RDFa, and similar techniques. I might even implement OCoins in Serendipity some day soon ;O)

Oh, and if someone wants to know: I'm planning to hold my Serendipity session tomorrow. I definitely need reliable network access for this, as it will include a live demo of a fresh S9y installation. Alright peeps, gotta change rooms now. Later.